Factory Misc

Designing shoes is a lengthy process that starts with hand drawn ideas that eventually wind up as 3D CAD renders. At the time, I was using one of the most advanced CAD systems for footwear, Crispin (3D has since come a very long way). Once the CAD designs are complete, it all went over to the factory who cobbled it together (hah, footwear pun) on the sample room floor. You then received physical samples which were torn apart and critiqued and sent back with a slew of changes. That can go on for quite some time until everyone is satisfied. Once everything is approved, production starts, which also includes periodic visits to the factory in China for QC. There were times I would spend weeks at the factory.

This shows a handful of the CAD designs as well as the original blueprints for both the men's and women's outsoles (also designed by me). I also designed the cork inserts, which are pretty boring blueprints, so they aren't included.

November 23, 2017